Gwres Glas - Green Heat

We're a friendly local company with years of experience in designing and installing energy efficiency measures and renewable energy systems that really work!

SOLAR PV - electricity-producing solar panels - are now extremely good value as the government has followed many other countries in bringing in a 'feed-in tariff' that pays you for every unit of electricity that you produce with your panels. Coupled with falling costs of the panels themselves, PV solar panels can now pay for themselves in as little as ten years. We're an MCS-accredited installer, and pride ourselves on our professionalism.

SOLAR THERMAL systems use the sun's radiation to heat your domestic hot water. Modern 'evacuated tube' systems of the type we install are incredibly efficient at absorbing solar energy - even on the coldest, crispest winter's morning you'll find they remain effective. Typically, a well-installed system can give you 70% of your annual hot water needs. We've got many happy customers with solar hot water in Powys!

We can also install heat pumps, woodburners and boilers, retrofit insulation to older buildings, install heat recovery systems for ventilation, and even undertake complete new builds to the highest energy standards. We also have a plumbing arm - Mr Pym - for routine plumbing work. Please contact us for details of our other services.

We're based in Welshpool, and our local patch is north Powys and the border with Shropshire. That's the area around Welshpool, Newtown, Oswestry and Shrewsbury.

For specialist work, we're happy to travel far and wide though!